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Museum Quality

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Who would have ever thought Seea would end up in a museum?? Well, if you stop by the California Surf Museum in Oceanside, you'll find that's exactly the case!

Considering that some of the original ideas behind Seea were actually inspired by a visit to the museum itself, (See our previous post on Julie Cox and the Woman on Waves exhibit), things really start to make sense. It's a great feel-good story, and a tribute to the importance of the CSM, and it's ability to inspire others to look at their history and create something fresh and new. 

We love Julie, but then again - who doesn't? We are thankful and humbled by her support!
Our busy handyman whipped out another custom display - this old house siding gets a new life!
And away it goes!
Vintage suits from Seea, a nice Ukulele & some postcards. What else do you need to remember your visit to Oceanside?
The Museum's own Todd Quinn showed up early and lent a hand with the installation. Thanks Todd!

With an eye on the past, Seea pulls from our history as women surfers, and seeks to create beautiful, fun suits - A modern expression of the classic joy of surfing, tailor made for the women of today. We are excited to announce Seea's arrival at the museum, and are filled with stoke as Seea comes full circle: From inspiration to presentation, truly we have Julie and the CSM to thank!!

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