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Craft & Quiver

Posted by Seea on

Happy 2012 people!

It's been way too long since our last post, but with over two weeks of sunny weather, fun-sized swell, and 80 degree temps, what do you expect??
Feel quite lucky to be spending the winter in Southern California.

Seea is starting to take off, and the cloudy coldness of the last few days has been a welcome change - Time to get some serious work done!

Here are a few shots from "the lab", a.k.a., the Craft & Quiver room. It's a great mix of man cave &  sample room, and it's where all Seea suits first come to life!

It isn't always easy, and I've literally torn my hair out trying, but starting in the morning with a sketch and ending up later that same day with a wearable suit is pretty damn cool!

Ok friends - gotta go!

I'm still behind one day on the surf calendar, but not to worry - I'll catch up soon!

View of the man cave turned sample room. That's a 60's Hobie Pig on the wall, and Brian's board collection up top!

The quiver in one corner and a wine bottle in the other... Don't think I was chugging from the bottle this night... I had a glass somewhere, or did I??

Bought this great Serger at a thrift store in Santa Barbara last year. Best purchase of the year by far!

We missed the best two days of swell but we met some pretty cool people at the Job Fair in Long Beach...thanks so much for coming by!

I am excited to soon introduce you to the new Seeababes - stay tuned!

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