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Behind the scenes with Tiffany Campbell

Posted by Seea on

When we found out that Tiffany Campbell was interested in shooting Seea's SP2013 promo video, we won't lie, we were beaming from ear to ear! If you dont know who Tiffany Campbell is, she is a film maker who co-directed the acclaimed surf film "Dear & Yonder" and like us, she is a graceful slider of the sea. The day went by smoother than anyone could have hoped, starting from way too early in the morning till sun down, and we wanted to give you a little sneak peek of how the day went down.
From roller skates & longboards to vintage shades and shoes, we've got you covered at Seea HQ! 

Professional make up by Elizabeth Root - Amateur hair!! The girls having fun with their "bedhead" looks!

The girls showcased their own personas for the video and pulled them off perfectly!

Handy Man Brian, being handy.

Mid day yoga pause to refresh and reset. 

 In between shoots the girls kept themselves entertained.

Sophie, the Seea Dog and her stunt double getting to know each other. 

We want to give a humungous thank you to all the girls involved that day. There is obviously no way we could have done this with out you all being involved. 

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